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The ultimate value in your transformation journey: To create anything new in your life, you must wake up the perfect creative force within you. 

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Humanity Upgrade explores the most vital issues of our time. We are in the midst of the greatest transformation in human history.

The Greatest Insight of Our Generation

The Ultimate Secret

Once in a generation there is an insight so profound that it instantaneously clarifies our past, present, and future. The Ultimate Secret is that insight. It is an awareness so powerful that it will transform how we look at and process our world. These are bold statements that will be substantiated by facts. We will take a new and alternative look at science and history to expose this powerful new truth.

The Journey

In The Journey you will discover the ultimate guide to predictably recreating your life. You will transform the old stories that is no longer serve you and create new ones that do. This new story, consciously constructed by you, will lead you to pre- dictable and permanent success.

The Transformation

In the age of transformation, the typical process of change will no longer work. In The Transformation you will learn how to apply “The Law of Accelerating ExpansionT” to every aspect of your life. This will bring you rapid and predictable long-term success.

Success Stories

In Success Stories we will explore the stories of how people are applying acceler- ating expansion to every aspect of their lives. This an instructive and heartwarminglook at real people and how they have transformed their health, finances
and relationships.